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Auto AC Repair in Concord, NC

Properly functioning air conditioning and heating is essential to comfort on the road and the overall condition of your vehicle. Problems with the amount of coolant, coolant lines, compressor, or condenser can spread to other parts of the vehicle, and leaks from the system can cause significant damage or internal rust. A malfunctioning defroster will also leave you vulnerable to winter ice. When your vehicle is having heating or cooling problems, bring it in for our auto AC repair in Concord, NC.

Car AC Replacement and New Heating Systems

The most obvious sign that your AC or heater is failing is if the interior of your car is not at the desired temperature. However, internal issues can also degrade your temperature control system gradually. This decline in output may proceed too slowly for you to notice until it's too late for an easy repair. Regular maintenance and checks of your AC system can prevent the need for expensive auto AC replacement.
Likewise, slow decreases in the heating power of your defroster or loss of optimal internal heating can go unnoticed. A thermostat malfunction or break is often the cause of these problems, and this is a relatively simple auto heating replacement if caught early. Another common issue is clogged coolant lines. These can accumulate grime and dried coolant, blocking the whole system. A thorough flush can restore circulation and get your vehicle back to normal.

Continual Learning for Car AC and Auto Heating Repair

Any vehicle can benefit from our AC diagnostics and auto heating repair. Webster Radiator, AC, and Auto/Truck Repair has been providing unmatched repairs and auto AC replacement for area cars for more than 19 years, and there's no issue we can't handle. Our technicians provide service and support for cars, trucks, and tractor-trailer heating and AC systems, along with reliable car AC replacement with manufacturer approved auto parts.
As AC and heating technology is constantly evolving, we supplement our more than 50 years of experience with ongoing training. Our mechanics are certified through our membership in the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS), which also offers Section 609 training for proper disposal and recycling of AC refrigerants. We are a member in good standing of The International Heat Transfer Association (NARSA), and have been honored as an HD certified shop in The Cooling Journal, a publication of that organization.

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