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Auto Alignment Repair in Concord, NC

If your vehicle is drifting around curves or handling poorly, the suspension and shocks of your car may be in need of repair. When these systems are out of alignment, a host of unpleasant and dangerous issues arise, from decreased turning effectiveness to excessive bouncing. Our auto alignment repair in Concord, NC, provides a thorough assessment of these issues to provide effective, long-lasting repairs.
Every vehicle needs regular shock, strut, and wheel alignment service to ensure optimal suspension and prevent jolting damage on the road. Proper alignment will also increase the maximum lifetime for your tires by preventing uneven wear. Schedule regular tire alignment service as the first step in finding and fixing alignment problems with the rest of your suspension system.

Experienced Truck & Car Alignment Repair

Webster Radiator, AC, and Auto/Truck Repair provides truck and car alignment repair, as well as alignment adjustments for tractor-trailers and farm or industrial vehicles. Our technicians are thoroughly trained on the special needs of these heavy vehicles, and we are ASE Blue Seal certified for skilled repairs, replacements, and maintenance for any vehicle. The National Association of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) provides specialized training to the manufacturer's specifications, so you can be sure you're getting the right service for your expensive equipment.

Mechanic under a Car - Auto Alignment Repair

Wheel Alignment Service and Replacements

While regular auto alignment service is essential, how often to have your shocks and struts replaced varies. Under regular use, most automobiles require replacement parts every 40,000 to 60,000 miles to ensure comfort and maximum stopping distance. Depending on the age of your existing suspension and the length of shop time it would take to repair it, a shock and strut replacement may even be more cost-effective than a car alignment repair.
As with all our part replacements, our shop relies on a trusted network of suppliers for manufacturer-approved auto parts. Because these parts are rated for quality and come with a warranty, you can be certain of their reliability. Our technicians also have the skills and manufacturer-provided training for guaranteed installation without breaking your vehicle's original warranty.

Auto Alignment Service for Better Handling

Bring your vehicle in whenever the handling or power steering seems sluggish, or when you notice excessive wear on only one or two tires. These can indicate problems with your alignment that our service can mitigate. If you notice that your shocks or struts are damaged, schedule immediate diagnostics to prevent serious issues with other systems in your car. Some other signs of alignment mismatch include:

 Vehicles Bounces Excessively  Vehicle Sways or Leans When Turning or Merging  Front of Car Points toward the Ground During Braking
Contact us when your shocks and struts demand an alignment upgrade. We offer a 10% discount to first time customers and a 5% senior
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