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Brake Repair in Concord, NC

It's easy to take working brakes for granted, but only regular maintenance and brake repair in Concord, NC, will keep your brakes in good working order. Your health and safety on the road depend, most of all, on your brakes, and Webster Radiator, AC, and Auto/Truck Repair keeps them in good working order.
Even a split second of extra stopping distance can be enough to involve you in a serious accident. Don't risk expensive repairs, serious injury or even death by ignoring regular brake service. An affordable brake pad and relatively inexpensive rotor replacement help you avoid this scenario at the cost of less than an hour of your time per service.

Rotor Replacement with Brake Service

Of course, you should always bring your car in when you suspect your brake performance is suffering. This is no time to try to "ride out" the problem, when the solution is so easy and inexpensive. Sometimes the issue is not in the brake itself, but rather in the brake rotor. Replacement of this component is more involved, but will not keep your vehicle off the road for long.
Our convenient hours and affordable service make these checks possible for even the busiest driver. Let us take a look at your brake system any time you suspect a problem, especially for any of the following issues:

 Delayed Stopping Time
 Squealing While Stopping
 Steering Wheel "Wiggling" While Braking

Brake Pad Replacement on Your Schedule

Scheduled maintenance varies based on your investment in brake pads, but most manufacturers recommend that you replace your brake pads every 18,000 to 60,000 miles. This wide range of mileage is indicative of the vast array of different driving styles. Regular service by our qualified brake mechanics will help you find out the best schedule of brake pad replacement for your drive.

Affordable Brake & Rotor Replacement

Our goal is to save you money and keep you safe. In the service of both these missions, we provide only the highest quality replacement brake pads and rotor parts. We source all of our auto parts from guaranteed suppliers, with full warranties and guaranteed performance. Every car and driving style has different requirements, and our mechanics can advise you on the best, most affordable brake systems for your safe drive. Bring your vehicle in for a brake assessment today!

 Contact us for safety's sake when your brakes break. We offer a 10% discount to first time customers and a 5% senior discount.
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