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Auto Maintenance Shop in Concord, NC

Following the maintenance schedule is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get the maximum lifetime out of your vehicle. Our auto maintenance shop in Concord, NC, has the tools and training to perform manufacturer-approved service for any car make or model. Along with personal vehicles and light trucks, our technicians are also certified for heavy vehicles and farm and industrial equipment. 
A periodic auto tune-up improves the efficiency and performance of your vehicle, saving you money in fuel costs. These regular checks also give us a chance to find and fix minor issues before they turn into serious problems. Gas tank repair is also important for the safety of your vehicle, as well as preventing expensive gas leaks. Webster Radiator, AC, and Auto/Truck Repair provides thorough car tune-up services for any vehicle.

Affordable, Reliable Car Tune-Up

One of the most common complaints about a dealer shop is the high cost of this essential maintenance, and some independent shops pad the bill by recommending unnecessary repairs. For reliable service with trusted advice, customers throughout the area turn to our car tune-up service. Our mechanics have more than 50 years of experience diagnosing issues with vehicles while providing scheduled maintenance. We are open at convenient hours, including weekends, to keep your car running for years.

Thorough Auto Tune-Up Includes Gas Tank Checks

The gas tank is one of the most durable and well-designed parts of your vehicle, but keeping it in good shape requires careful maintenance and gas tank repair. Various components of the gas tank can malfunction, causing inconvenience, wastage, and safety concerns. A common point of failure is the fuel filler tube. This tube feeds fuel from the gas pump to your gas tank. Failure can prevent filling your car with gas entirely, or a clog in the tube can slow down the filling process or lead to backflow.
Car owners should have the lining of their gas tanks periodically checked as well. These liners can rust or wear out, and even sometimes be punctured. A hole in the air-filled chamber above the gas tank can lead to problems when the gas in the tank below expands or contracts due to temperature changes. A hole in the fuel chamber allows leaking and safety issues, including a risk of fire. Let our gas tank liner repair save you money and keep you safe on the road.

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