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Buying New and Used Tires in Concord, NC

Finding car tires for sale is easy, but finding quality tires at an affordable price is difficult. Don't waste your time and money on wholesale shops or dealer tires. Local customers buying new and used tires in Concord, NC, know to come to Webster Radiator, AC, and Auto/Truck Repair. We have a wide range of tire options, from high-performance new tires for premium needs to more budget-friendly options.

Affordable New Tires

For dealer-alternative prices without the wholesale hassle, check out our car tires for sale. Our new tires provide the longest life possible, with options available for a variety of driving conditions. Whether you need new tires for highway driving or convenient in-city commutes, talk to us about the best value for your needs and budget. Along with in-stock tires, we have a catalog of specialty tires ready to order. We partner with the leading tire suppliers in the US, such as CARiD, Omni United, American Tire Distributors and many others. Naturally, all of our tires come with access to our speedy installation!

Buy Temporary Tires Used

Finally, we have a steady source of used tires, which carry several advantages. Used tires are ideal candidates as temporary replacements while you assess your car's needs. Save your budget from the sticker shock of four new tires. Driving on used tires for a little while can give our mechanics valuable data about your driving habits, which will allow us to recommend appropriate new tires when the time comes. Come in today to talk about our car tires for sale.

Save Money on Quality Tires

A full tire replacement is not always necessary, and our focus is on saving you money. We will never recommend an unnecessary tire replacement. There are some money-saving service options that fall several steps short of a more expensive replacement. 
Regular maintenance will squeeze the maximum life out of your tires. Many of the problems with uneven wear on tires are caused by bad alignment, and a tire alignment can help mitigate this problem. With the aid of a computer, our technician will adjust your tires to address any irregularities in your vehicle's driving pattern. Every 3,000 to 6,000 miles, consider having your tires rotated. As with a tire alignment, this step will reduce wear on individual tires while improving handling. For most vehicles, our mechanics can perform a complete tire rotation within an hour, and the affordable price is more than made up for by delaying tire replacement.

Contact us for affordable tires that will keep you on the road. We offer a 10% discount to first time customers and a 5% senior
discount. Webster Radiator, AC, and Auto/Truck Repair proudly serves Concord, Cornelius, Huntersville, Salisbury, Albemarle, and the
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